About Penis Size: Does It Really Matter?

Lots of males are concerned about their penis size, thinking that it isn’t enough to please the women in their lives. Some even think that their partners are faking orgasm because they’re not big enough to trigger this response. This article will concentrate on this common insecurity in males and give some information about how to grow penis. For males who are currently having problems in bed, the following information may prove remarkably useful. Does Penis Size Really Matter? The short and simple answer to this is – no, not really. The penis size is not that important when it comes to sex. It is only the overly concerned male that thinks this and a hundred percent of the time, they are wrong. The question of does penis size matter to women is really unnecessary. As every female will reveal, they are more concerned about the overall aspect of the sex instead of just one part of it. Hence, males shouldn’t judge themselves by penis size alone because females look at the full experience which includes foreplay. So What Must Males Do? Stop thinking about how to grow penis size and instead focus on the important facets of sex that would impress females – the orgasm. The size of the penis doesn’t really matter as long as males can give their partners a strong and powerful orgasm. In order to do this, males do not need a big tool to arouse them internally. Don’t forget that there’s a very responsive part of the female anatomy that can offer a strong orgasm – the clitoris. By knowing how to properly offer attention to this female body part, males can stop being concerned about their penis size and provide as much pleasure as their partner’s can stand. Following are some tips on how to satisfy female’s thoroughly in bed and banish the penis size insecurities.  Invest in lots of foreplay. No matter how big the penis might be, a girl not properly aroused will not reach orgasm. Hence, make sure that she is well and truly ready before the final act. Pay close attention to the zones including the breasts, the clitoris, the lips and various other body parts. Note that it takes a while for females to reach the peak of

 Get a grip on control. A problem most males have is that they reach the edge of orgasm long before females do. Hence, it’s important for guys to be patient and retain a hold on their prowess in bed. One good way of doing this is by practicing jelqing exercises, allowing males to hold on to their release for longer periods of time. This would give them the chance to give as much attention as possible to the female.
 Focus on the external G-spot. Females have this well known g-spot inside the vagina that is supposed to offer stronger orgasms during sex. It’s fairly tough to find it and males who are insecure about their penis size feels that it would be impossible for them to touch this specific spot. Note though that the g-spot is not the only gateway to female orgasms. There’s also the clitoris and a large sized penis is not really necessary to trigger arousal through this nubbin. Males are advised to focus on this spot prior to penetration or even simultaneously touch it during the act.
 Some sexual positions also lend a hand in furthering female arousal and orgasm. Some positions also allow males to graze the clitoris during penetration, therefore doubling the pleasure for the female. In some cases, the position makes it easy for males to find the elusive g-spot. Try experimenting on these different sexual formations to heighten the experience.
 Males also have the option of using different sex toys to heighten the experience. Note though that this should only be done with the approval of the female.
 Build the anticipation. This doesn’t mean sexual foreplay but rather what comes before that. Dinner dates and the like are also counted by females as part of the sexual experience. Hence, it’s important that males try to invest on a little romance in order to increase the satisfaction for their partners.
 Talk it out. The best way to satisfy a female in bed is to find out exactly what she likes and pandering to it. Now, some males might be reluctant to do this, but know that it’s more than worth it. As an alternative, males can also try to observe their partners when in bed. Take note of what foreplay actions they respond to the most and repeat this with every encounter. By doing this, males will know

exactly what buttons to push during sex, ensuring complete sexual satiation for the female.
With the right technique in bed, males should be able to banish their insecurities over their penis size faster. Keep in mind that technique is more important than the penis size. Regardless of how big it might be, a bad technique in bed will still leave females feeling frustrated or even faking orgasm. Note that there are some testimonials today linking penis enlargement to better performance in bed. The truth is that a larger penis only enhances the confidence of the male, therefore making them more enthusiastic in bed. Hence, a bigger male organ doesn’t really have a physical effect on performance but rather, supports the physiological status of the male. Enlarging Your Penis Naturally Of course, there are those who still want to learn how to grow penis. Males who still feel as though their penis size is inadequate always have the option of enlarging it through natural means.  Penis Stretcher – another excellent way of how to grow penis size is with the help of a stretcher. These are tools that are attached to the penis that slowly stretches the male organ. Specifically engineered to be both safe and effective, stretchers work by creating micro tears on the penis. Overtime, the body repairs these micro tears, therefore adding on to the original penis size. What’s great about this is that at the same time, stretchers increase the girth of the organ to match the length. Typically, this approach can offer results in as little as 2 weeks
or less.  Tao Exercises – for those who don’t like to buy anything, there are also Tao Exercises that could help. This workout concentrates on developing the penile muscle and helps it increase not just in length but also in girth. What’s great about Tao Exercises is that they can be done at home with no additional tools. There are also lots of Tao workouts to choose from, allowing males to pick the one they are most comfortable in. The safety of Tao Exercises has already been proven time and again. Individuals who want to try out this method are advised to be particular about execution to avoid problems. It’s usually best to stay away from penis enlargement pills due to their unstable properties. Intake of anything into the body can be very dangerous, especially if it is not approved by a doctor. Remember: a male’s performance

in bed is not directly related to their penis size. Hence, this kind of task is not really necessary and definitely not worth the risk. Penis Enlargement and Fake Orgasms The main reason why women fake orgasms is because of kindness. They are aware of the male ego and therefore fake an orgasm to make their partner feel better. And this happens more often than most people think. A recent survey shows more than 70% of women fake their orgasms while only 30% of men do so. What’s worse is that some of these females are in long term relationships. The question is – how do you get women to stop faking orgasms and give them real ones? In order to answer this question, it’s important to pinpoint the main reason males fail to bring their women to the finish line – inadequacy. Many males are so focused on the size of their penis that they forget the all-important task of foreplay. In most cases, they lack the confidence in bed because they feel as though they’re not big enough to pleasure the ladies. This kind of negative thinking shows in their performance, therefore causing them to REALLY perform badly. See, in order to bring females to orgasm, males must be able to arouse them thoroughly. As most people know, arousal includes different factors such as anticipation and foreplay. The actual penetration itself is not enough. So does penis size matter to women? Not as much as males think. Remember – it’s perfectly possible to bring a woman to orgasm with just the hands or the mouth. The question of penis size is something borne out of the male’s insecurity. It’s not really the size of the organ that stops them from performing in bed but rather, their own lack of self-esteem. This is why males are advised to stop lingering too much on what they have to offer under the briefs and start focusing on their partners!