My SizeGenetics reviews

If you are looking for a personal SizeGenetics review then you have come to the right website. My name is Rob and I created this blog to share my experience using the Size Genetics penis extender.

All my life I had a small penis. During the early teenage years it didn’t effect me. Unfortunately year by year the size of my penis lead to the loss of self confidence. I simply couldn’t fully satisfy my partner.

Yes I know, people say that size doesn’t matter, but it does. Not only a bigger penis lead to great partner satisfaction, but it also boosts self confidence. But when you lack the size and your penis if below average, doubts come to the mind. You can literally see from partner’s facial expression when you pull your penis out that she was waiting for something bigger. And no, I am not talking about those ridiculously sized penis advertised on adult sites, an average sized penis will do just well for most.

So, enough about myself. Let’s take a look at SizeGenetics and why you should choose it not other devices. So one day I saw an advertisement in magazine about so called penis pumps. So I decided to order. I did some daily pumping as said in manual for a whole month. The result? Nothing. Yes, it become slightly more bigger during the process but after about 3-5 minutes it shrink back. The lesson – don’t buy penis pumps since they can provide with only temporary gains.

I was about to quite the idea of having bigger penis, but then a friend on forum I often participated suggested me to try Size Genetics. I was skeptical at first and it wasn’t that cheap, but he convinced me so I ordered it. By the way, I choose the Ultimate Package since the friend also said that starter package while cheaper lacks the comfort. The Ultimate Package provided all the essentials for a great comfort.

When the package arrived, I packed it out and took a look at all the parts. First I attached the multi-head part to the main stretching device which is a must have. The multi-head can be adjusted to fit your penis perfectly and give the maximum comfort. Then I applied the traction powder give more grip but still keeps your penis comfortable. Then I adjusted the stretching device itself to the point where I felt a little tension. After 3 days of use, I increased the device tension a tiny bit more. Millimeter by millimeter I increased the distance and I didn’t feel any pain at all. Just each time I made an adjustment it meant that penis got a little more longer. Under the tension the penis start to grow more cells and become longer and thicker.

SizeGenetics Money Back Guarantee

Yes, SizeGenetics comes with a 6 month money back guarantee. In my opinion, it’s more then enough time to test it. But I am sure that you are very unlikely to use this guarantee since every time you adjust the stretcher further, it means that your penis has become longer. Just repeat the process and after a few months the penis will have become noticeably longer and thicker.

SizeGenetics side effects

I have been running this site for several months and thus have received only positive reader response. There haven’t been any serious side effects recorded as far as I know, but several people have reported a tiny stretch marks. This can be avoided by using the moisturizer cream which comes when you order a bigger SizeGenetics package.

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